Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Major Mea Culpa

I just realized what a dick head I was in my last post.

I apologize.

I think Watson said it best to me when she commented (and I’ll paraphrase) that some of us spend our entire lives trying to get pregnant and the others easily get pregnant but would do anything to stay that way. Either way the journey is NO FUN.

I know from lurking on your blogs that some of you reading this would give your right arm for just a single or another BFP. Would give anything just to BE pregnant. Please know that I SO want that for you, too, and would in fact dedicate a few fingers or other appendages to the cause. I will read your blogs, commiserate, cheer you on and cyber celebrate with you when you do get your BFP...because you WILL.

And for those with me on the other path, I will read your blogs, commiserate, cheer you on and be there for you during the simultaneously frightening and joyful days after your next BFP. Because there will be one. And you WILL be okay.

Fine. Enough of the freakin’ cheerleading. We’re all in this together. One common goal. A healthy baby (or babies, God willing, but I don’t want to look greedy and all).

I will post about my first RE appt shortly. I'm still trying to process all the information given to us. And trying to come up with a fun name for my RE.

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Sticky Bun said...

So no need to apologize! Everyone's journey is different, but equally frustrating.

I hope the appt went well! Can't wait to hear about his/her thoughts. :-)