Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Rookie ISO Help w/ Progesterone Protocol

Today’s good news is that my RE said that we only had to wait one cycle before trying again.

In about 5 days I get to whip together a new chart. Oh, the possibilities! Yeah. Whatevs.

Then, out-of-the-blue my OB called to follow up on me. While I had her on the phone – usually an impossible feat to manage – I asked her about the progesterone supplement protocol. When should I start taking it? How do I get it from her office? Etc.

See, the day before I miscarried Junior #2, I had a beta (= a pitiful 9, so I knew what was coming). I also had a progesterone test done (= 2, yeah a tad underachieving as it should have been at 21 or so). Hmm. Kind of like the math percentile score on my first GMAT. Okay, let’s save that one for another post.

Anyway, my luteal phase has never been over 12 days. Usually it is around 8-10 days. Given this they are just assuming I have a progesterone deficiency. YAH THINK?

So here’s what my OB said: call her office after we nail the target dates. (Absolutely no pun intended.) Start on a prescription of progesterone immediately. Before we even know if one of Cowboy’s ponies successfully jumped through the ring of fire.

I assume this will be the suppository kind (yuck), as we are completely untrained in the fine art of injectables (save for Watson’s step-by-step video).

So, I am actively seeking out ass-vice. What did progesterone do to you? Did it completely whack out your cycle? What kind were you on?

This sounds a little OMG-where-did-you-get-those-totally-cute-jeans, but I am at a loss as to what to expect. And while I plan to have a long sit down with Dr. Google tonight, I know you ladies will give me the goods.

Thanks in advance, Ms. Planner


buggsmommy said...

I'm not sure if my info will be helpful, but I've always had low progesterone levels during my cycle. I usually start the suppositories after my RE has confirmed that I've actually ovulated (he's a little quirky and I've always done cycles with injectables and IUI). Anyway, my levels are NEVER high enough to sustain a pregnancy (on their own), but the suppositories do the trick for me (thank goodness) as I'm a little bit afraid of the PIO injections. They track my level and I increase as necessary (usually 2xs/day) but I've done 3 and been bordeline to need shots. Stock up on pantiliners if this is in your future. ;) Good luck!

Erin said...

Hey Ms. P. I've only done the suppositories (One a day w/ my recent IUI) I had a wee bit of leakage, but I think putting them in at bedtime helped tame that, and didn't really note any other side effects. It did end up delaying AF by about 3 days, but that was it! I know mine was a smallish dose, though. I'll be taking the supps 2x day after my ET. Thanks, Buggsmommy for the tip about pantiliners!

Ms. P, I'm glad I can help you feel a little less daunted by IVF. I guess I'm putting up a good front, because I'm more than a little nervous.

Happy Thursday!

buggsmommy said...

Hi! During my cycle, my progesterone level was checked about 5-7 days after my iui (during which the hope was that i ovulated after the trigger shot. My Dr. waits to check that level BEFORE starting vaginal suppositories.) At the clinic overall though, some of the Dr's have patients start that same day as the iui. I would've preferred to start then as I knew I'd always need them. Once it was confirmed that I had ovulated AND he checked my progesterone level is when I would start the suppositories. I did learn from the nurse there that anyone doing IVF cycles automatically does the PIO shots. I managed to avoid them, but would've done ANYTHING to maintain the pregnancy. Once my test was positive, I stayed on the suppositories for 12 weeks until the placenta takes over. Does that answer it for you? It's the way he does things and I know everyone does it different. If I can help anymore, let me know :)

buggsmommy said...

Oh and by the way...he kept checking my progesterone level after I was pregnant when they were checking the hcg levels anyway. I think they did that for a few weeks.

I never got my period even during the cycles that didn't work unless I stopped taking the suppositories. So I always had to wait till the end of the 2ww for a positive or negative test.

Watson said...

Hi Ms. P!

So before IVF, my acupuncture gave me an all-natural form of progesterone, because I also had a very short LP, like 10 days.

That worked, but they made me a crazy freak with totally horrible PMS symptoms.

But when I used both the suppositories and the PIO shots, I had none of the same side effects. Go figure!

If you use suppositories at night, invest in some good pads and also some panty liners for the daytime, because they tend to be the gift that keeps on giving, if you know what I mean.

But other than that, they're really easy. And even the shots aren't that bad, I promise!!

Sticky Bun said...

I actually used a suppository gel called Crin*one, which I don't think is as bad as some of the others I've read about. From what I understand, there are suppositories that need to be refrigerated that melt and can slip out, etc. This was a gel--no slipping or melting. No problems. I think it did make me a tad moody (like on the verge of tears for the latter part of the 2ww), but what can you do. :-)

Ms. Planner said...

Thank you all for your wonderful comments & suggestions. I think I'll make Cowboy buy the pantyliners. He'll just LOOOVE that. ("Um, don't I need a note to buy these?")

xoxo, Ms. Planner

Bumble said...

Hey there, I was on Crinone too. Its like a creamy substance which you squirt up your hoo-ha using a turkey baster like thingy. Not very messy at all, and I hardly had any side effects from it. Just not too pretty when you stop the stuff and realise theres a big plug up dere. *sorry* Its not bad at all though, I'm sure its better than the injections?

Thalia said...

have they done a post-ovulation progesterone test? Because if they haven't, you're potentially going on medication you don't need. I have a 12-day LP, but my progesterone is fine, that's not theproblem. I think you should go and get tested first.