Monday, May 7, 2007

Thinking Blogger: Tag! You're it.

Last week Sticky Bun graciously awarded me a Thinking Blogger dealio for my post about our male partners who are riding the fertility roller coaster with us. I’ve been reading Sticky Bun’s thought-provoking and eloquently written blog since last December so I was totally honored. Also, I was nominated by My Dear Watson who I liken to the most popular girl in school because not only is she a great writer but is now knocked up with twins – hence, the "popular" part (naughty girl! just kiddin').

The Thinking Blogger award stipulates that nominees respond by nominating 5 other blogs that really make them think.

If I have nominated you (and assuming you’ve read my blog), you are supposed to nominate 5 other blogs that make you think. It’s kind of like a modern day chain mail. But, hey, didn’t it make you feel cool and all when you were 8 and got a chain mail letter? No? Okay, maybe I was just a pathetic little nerd.

In a nutshell, here are mine:

(1) Thalia’s Infertility Journey: Hopefully More Comedy than Tragedy. Anyone who had a category titled, “Fuckwittage” has my vote. Fo’ shizzle. Thalia’s posts make me think because one day she will write the most educated, scientific post filled with tons of information. (I have become more educated from Thalia’s posts than I have been from my OB and RE combined). The next day, she’ll completely let loose with a major “What the fuck, people!” tirade. I feel a lot like Thalia’s posts these days: calm and reasoning one day; WTF! the next. By the way, after 3 failed IVF’s and, I think, an FET, Thalia got pregnant NATURALLY 10 days before her 40th birthday. And if that’s not a little comedic in the world of IF, I don’t know what is. She doesn’t know me, but I am delurking myself because I am so happy for her and thank her for her educated posts.

(2) A Brief History of You. I love Anns’ posts because even though it sounds like we are very different people, we are going through very similar heartbreaking circumstances at exactly similar times. Only she approached the whole TTC again with more gusto than I thought was possible in those dark days post m/c #1. Check out her post as she gets prepped for the Sperm Meets Egg Plan – a web page which is urban legend in the TTC world. You gotta admit it, her enthusiasm and youthful vigor are infectious. Next time you’re dreading sex-on-demand, read this post from Anns and get stoked to get busy.

(3) Into the Rabbit Hole. Alice at Into the Rabbit Hole has had three recurrent miscarriages. In one year. Life is so effing not fair sometimes. Alice is currently going to a clinic that specializes in recurrent miscarriage. I wish we had something like that in my city. She’s about a month ahead of me in my quest to find out what is going on with my body so I find her posts incredibly helpful and practical. I truly hope she finds answers soon so she can get on with the gettin’ on.

(4) Erin at the Vicious Cycle of Cycles was also nominated by Sticky Bun. And, don’t know if this is against the rules or not, but I nominate her, too. Erin is hi-LAR-ious. Check out this post about dealing with friends who announce they are trying to conceive. I think we all have these conflicting feelings from time to time. Our friends announce they are thinking about starting a family. We want to be good friends and give them the scoop about what to expect when you’re trying to expect (you know, entry level stuff like OPKs). A little part of us completely fears that we will be so jealous if they hit it out of the park on the first try. And sometimes we just want to spare them our trials and tribulations. I have a few good friends who are starting on the fertility path, which really should be an exciting time. I don’t want my misfortune to ruin it for them. And, even though I know they are the best of friends who will support me no matter what news I bear, I often am sensitive about sharing too much bad spew with them.

(5) Finally, I nominate Von at Murphy is a Bastard (great blog name). Von started her blog the day before I did, but she has been through way more than I on her fertility quest. Seriously, please go to Von’s blog and lend this sister some support. Plus, she has amazingly beautiful photographs and lovely quotes that provide for a calm moment of reflection. Which I for sure need from time to time. Well, actually, a lot of the time. Thanks for this great quote, Von.

Until next time...yours in kissing the plan good-bye,

Ms. Planner


Von said...

Thank you for the nomination and for dropping by to say hello.
How does it work? Is it only IF blogs or can it be any?

Better get the thinking cap on...........

Alice said...

Thank you for the nomination. So nice to hear. I'm anxious to find out if they find out anything from your (uncovered--eek!) tests.