Tuesday, September 11, 2007

To Every Season...

I have a love-hate relationship with fall.

On the love side, fall always feels like the start of something new for me. New school year (I loved school. I know: lame), new school supplies ready for all that planning and organizing, and the like.

This season, I am starting my own company. My primary job is I am a contractor to my old job – how is that for poetic justice? – plus I’m picking up a few freelance market research projects as the fall rolls around. So I’ve been busy.

My business also treated me to 2 new office supplies yesterday: (1) my favorite Uniball fine point black ink pens, which I discovered in grad school and (2) Ms. Planner’s favorite new business accouterment: a new academic school year calendar. Squee!

At my old job, I tried valiantly to be an electronic-only MS office kind of gal. Really. I tried. But to no avail. I ended up printing out the calendar by months, scribbling appointments and ‘to do’ lists in the margins.

Back in grad school I kept an old-school, spiral bound calendar with each page full of commitments, assignments, meetings and mid-terms. I went to business school full time, was a graduate teaching fellow and worked part-time at an REI store. I still have my calendar from second year as a testament to how much one person can cram into their schedule and still have a life. Sad, but keeping that schedule and pulling Dean’s List is one of my proudest achievements to date. I’d like to supplant that proudest moment with becoming a mom, but that’s another post entirely.

I also bought one new planning device for fall.

After getting aced out of a couple of eB*y, I splurged and bought it brand-spanking-new:

Hello Clear Blue Easy fertility monitor.

Good bye cashmere sweater fund.

And since it recommends starting on CD4 or 5, I’ll be breaking it out tomorrow. One cycle to go in the Summer of Love.

Which brings me to my hate relationship with fall. Fall sucks in the Northwest. It gets dark earlier with at alarming pace. It rains. A lot. It is cold and damp. There is not yet enough snow in the Cascades to act as the silver lining to rain in the valley.

Last fall, I was pregnant so I had a bright and cheery look on fall – until, that is, I miscarried in November. This fall, I am anticipating a slog.

I can only hope that I get pregnant this cycle while the sun is still shining. There I go again, silly me. Hoping and all.


niobe said...

I pretty much love fall. But my main goal is to just make it through this one in more or less one piece.

So you're starting our own company? I am incredibly impressed by anyone with the drive and self-confidence to do that.

And, on a unrelated topic, Uniball fine tip black ink pens totally rock.

Erin said...

Hey Chickie - awesome about your own company! Such a great idea. I lurve those Uniball pens too, although I like blue.

Great news about the monitor! You must be so psyched to have help with the "Plan"!

Here's to no slog!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the fall. And the food that comes with it!

I hope your new monitor brings you something to celebrate this fall.

LJ said...

Fall is my favorite season EXCEPT for the obvious following, which make me hate it:
1. Winter is next
2. Daylight goes byebye
3. By the end, the beautiful colors of fall are just gray nastiness.

Von said...

Yeah, I have the same sort of feeling about autumn/winter. Feels like the end of something.

Reproductive Jeans said...

Wow thats great about your own company! Best of luck--wanna hire me?=)

Good luck with the monitor--let me know how you like it?

megan said...

i adore fall. we're having a bizarre heat spell up here and it's actually pissing me off. i'm ready for a sweater!
congrats on the new company AND the new monitor. i wish you great success with both of them! just think. . you'll be all occupied with the new company but the monitor will be doing the monitoring so you won't have to think about it. i hope you'll just be adding to your list of new acquisitions sooner rather than later...xoxo

Alice said...

I'm planning on buying that stupid thing too - and I was checking it out on said-bidding-site but thought it might just be easier to go get one - despite the fact that the cost makes me want to choke on one of your new pens.

Watson said...

Hey there,

I hope this fall turns out great for you -- hopefully with some help from the brand new fertility monitor!

Good luck with your new company!

Carrie said...

All the best with your new company. That is a really great thing to be doing.

I love, love, love stationery too. I'm not even sure why. Even looking at stationery in the shops is such fun. I'm glad it's not only me who is a little odd ;-)

It is really difficult to face a new season, or other reminders, of just how long this whole game has been going on. It seems to hurt all the more when we can look back and realise that we haven't made the progress we thought we would or hoped we would. I think it is scary too. It means looking forward is hard. How much longer? I hope next Autumn will be a whole different story for you xx

The Oneliner (Christina) said...

i love office supplies too, they rock.
i couldn't live in the NE (which is why i moved away) b/c of the winters. i know you know this, but sitting outside and feeling the sun on your face can really help.
GL on your business, i find owning my own business fulfilling.

Kim said...

I'm an office supply dork, too. You should see our stockroom in our office. We call it the "mini-Staples."
Good luck w/ the new monitor. Let me know how it works for you!