Thursday, December 13, 2007

CVS update

The CVS drama went well yesterday. I won't have preliminary results until tomorrow (Friday) and official, official results until Dec. 24 or 26. Perfect timing as we will be on our ski trip and most likely out of cell range somewhere in some mountain valley.

The reason they give you 2 results is that they grow a short term culture and then a long term culture. They test each one to ensure that they didn't accidentally grab maternal tissue in the sample, which would throw off the results from the first culture. The genetics counselor explained it better, but that is all I remember from what she told me. I was a little focused on the forthcoming procedure by that point.

In nearly all cases, the result does not change from the short term to the long term culture. So I should be satisifed with tomorrow's result. But, knowing me, I probably won't be.

The procedure was easy and relatively pain-free. If you've had an HSG, a CVS is a snap. On a pain scale, a CVS is a 1 compared to 6 or 7 for an HSG. They used a catheter to go in vaginally due to the position of the placenta. I made Cowboy go with me because I am gradually getting him used to seeing my feet up in the stirrups.

The risks for a CVS are 1 in 200. Miscarriages - if they happen from the actual procedure - generally happen within 48 hours. I have another 20 hours to go.

We also had a pretty detailed ultrasound. Junior was positioned exactly sideways with its face and belly towards my backbone. As such, we got a terrific view of the spine and all of the little ribs. Plus, it's feet were tucked up so that the soles of the feet were pointed towards my belly, giving us the opportunity to count - and marvel at - two tiny little feet and 20 toes. It is about 4 inches long now. Measuring right where it should be with a FHR of 167.

The ultrasound techs at the Maternal Fetal Clinic I went to are strictly trained to be diplomatic. There is only, "this is an arm," "here is a leg." No modifiers or descriptors. No, "this looks perfect." She pointed out the major organs, too. I guess no news is good news at these things. And when the doctor only comes in to perform the procedure, I am taking that as a good sign, as well.

If we want to, we can find out the gender, too. I think that I will find out if everything is OK. If not, I won't.


Lori said...

Was Baby in there doing sirsasana?

I'm hoping for great news both times, Ms Planner.

Waiting Amy said...

So happy things went smoothly, and surely the next 20 hours will be just fine too.

Hoping all the news is good, and you are set for a lovely ski holiday!

Sticky Bun said...

Glad it went well. Take it easy and take care of you and your little one. And I hope you get great news tomorrow.

christina(apronstrings) said...

stats are more than on your side. so, i think ya' got a plan. ; )
thinking of you.

Resplendentquetzal said...

20 toes? Perhaps 10! It took me a minute to realize the err, but anyway, good luck! I'm so glad things are going well!

E said...

Hi Lady, it's the morning, so math is not an option, but I think most of those 20 hours have gone by. I hope everything's still looking good! So glad you got to see Junior and his or her toes! Here's hoping for a good report today and a fabulous ski vacation!

Sarah said...

I'm happy it went well!

I'm thinking good news thoughts.'re skiing? Hmm. My Dr. told me no skiing. But, my hubby is going tomorrow, and I'd love to go.