Wednesday, June 18, 2008

1 whole month

It's fixin' to be time for my third nap of the day.

I loooove my baby art cards. The worm is my favorite.

I'm very concerned about the prospect of off-shore drilling for oil.

...We interrupt this birth story to bring you pictures of Missy at 1 month. Gosh, I can't believe it has been a whole month.

I fit into a pair of my pre-baby jeans yesterday.

But there was some serious muffin top going on.



Lori said...

Who is Missy voting for?

And what are her thoughts on ANWR?

She's as brilliant as she is beautiful.

Did you say something? Oh! Congrats on the jeans -- that's awesome!

Newt said...

Oh, she's marvelous. I love those eyes!

Congrats on the jeans. It's so early! Even with a muffin top, that's very impressive.