Friday, July 18, 2008

Missy is 2 months old

Missy at 2 Months

Smiles. Finally.

Weighs almost 9 lbs (4 kg). Yeah, she’s a peanut.

Is cloth diapered. We cheat and use a fabulous diaper service along with Thirsties diaper wraps. It is as easy as using disposables, esp. since I don’t launder the diapers in our home.

Still loves her Baby Art Cards. These things are like baby pot for Missy. She just stares at them forever with an intent, faraway stoner look. Maybe she’ll be an artist?

Has her first eating disorder. She likes to throw up after eating. My friend says you either get a poop baby or a spit up baby. I must have the latter because Missy just recently went one full week without pooping.
Favorite accessory: a bib

Ms. Planner at 2 Months
Has nursed in the backseat of the car several times. Good thing public nudity is legal in Oregon.
Once went to a client meeting and realized she forgot to put nursing shields in her bra. A big no-no because I leak like a freaking sieve. So I stuffed each side of my bra with plastic bags from Gus’ poopy bag stash I keep in the car. Not one of my prouder moments but my shirt stayed dry.
Unknowingly went to another client meeting with a large spit up stain on her jacket.
Has 8 lbs to go before reaching her pre-Missy weight.
Is not eating dairy because it jams up her daughter (literally). Hello, my old friend, coconut milk ice cream.

Favorite accessory: a burp cloth.
# # #
I apologize for not being up-to-date on blogging, reading and commenting. I am working for a client part-time plus hanging with an 8 week old. It is crazy. I have so much admiration for those moms who work full time with babies. Seriously. I don't know how you do it.


E said...

I can't believe you're working! How can you put together coherent thoughts?

I love the art cards. We have the same images as decals on the walls in the babies' room. We've got the jungle motif. They love to stare at the monkey while getting changed and the elephant over their crib. Maybe I should get the cards, too!

Missy is super cute. Nothing wrong with being a peanut! As long as she's a smiling peanut!

For what it's worth, Sarah is a spitter and a pooper. Lucky me!

I'm off the dairy, too. So sad. I love me some milk (and ice cream, of course). I've got to try this coconut milk business... Do you have to it via mail order?

Lori said...

I feel like I could have written this post 7 years ago!

Except for the breastfeeding .part. And the cloth diapers part,

She is a beautiful baby!

Caro said...

I second E, I just started to think about work but there's no way I could actually do any.

Missy is adorable, T is more of a boulder than a peanut.

megan said...

she is a wee peanut, but nothing wrong with that! Auden weighed 9 lbs when he was BORN! :)
she's just beautiful, ms. planner. eat her up...every minute!

Waiting Amy said...

Indeed, she is a cutie-pie! Love every moment, because soon she will not be a peanut any longer!

Don't worry about the spit-up shirt ... no one will remember. You are doing a great job!

Sticky Bun said...

Glad to hear all is well! And, I so hear you about the spit-up. Monkey Girl erupts after just about every meal. Everything we own--our clothes, the couch, the carpet--is covered.

But, she is beautiful, which I'm sure makes it all worthwhile! :-)

niobe said...

It's so hard to believe she's already two months old....

Geohde said...

Working with an 8 week old? I'm impressed. And slightly vicariously exhausted,


Anns said...

Those baby art cards are awesome - I'm getting them!

Thanks for the update on your beautiful little girl..... she looks precious!

Watson said...

I'm glad you updated and I love the photo, she's such a beauty!!!


Carrie said...

She is adorable.

You are quite something managing to work already!