Monday, March 30, 2009


We have just returned from the forbidden land of

Which is equal parts beauty

And sad desperation

But the sand tasted fabulous

Lest you think I am nutty-cakes for taking a baby to Cuba, we traveled there legally to visit family who are in the foreign service. Taxes, teething and travel have taken all of March. I promise to post more in April. Really.

Leaving me to ponder, is a blog really a blog if you don't write in it?


Sticky Bun said...

So great to hear from you! And thanks for sharing the fabulous pictures from Cuba. Looks like it was a really interesting trip! And that picture of Piper is so cute. :-)

Good for you for doing your taxes in March, too. I don't know what the f we're waiting for!

Looking forward to more tales from Ms. P!

Fertilized said...

i LOVE that your baby is an international traveler. What fantsatic pictures and experiences you are creating

E said...

Did the little lady enjoy her cigars? I saw your pics on FB and honestly, she is ridiculous. Her eyes!!!!

Taxes...are we supposed to do something about that? I thought Turbo Tax would just file for me. Crap.

Lori said...

Love those pudgy limbs!

I've been missing you. Now I see you've covered a lot of ground. Hope to hear more soon...

Jealous, too. I would love to travel there.

Wordgirl said...

What an amazing trip! One of my best friends managed to travel to Cuba not too many years ago and said it was amazing.

I think its wonderful to give Missy those wonderful experiences!

And how cute is she? HOnestly...



Life in Eden said...

What a cutie! And oh so exotic of a trip. How did you manage the traveling!? We just did a 2 hour plane ride with the brood -- it was hard, but more do-able than I thought.

Taxes are looming for me and I need to get them DONE, especially since they OWE me. Keep writing!