Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Big Girl Time

The few months since Missy turned 1 (from May until now) have rocked my world. Not in a bad way though.

Missy has rocketed from a baby to a little girl seemingly overnight. First she started to understand what I was saying. Then she started walking. One day, you wake up and jokingly tell her to go get her shoes so you can go to the park. And she does!

I am a bit wistful. The baby time is nearly gone.

Also this week we are transitioning from co-sleeping to crib sleeping at night. AND dropping the night feeding(s). That is a lot for one little girl to handle. Apparently so for her momma, too.

After a week of little sleep because Missy kept waking up and wanting to play in the middle of the night, Cowboy was kind of over the co-sleeping. And, after months of watching parent-after-parent in our library group – not to mention several bloggers who I follow – get knocked up with #2 while I pine for AF like an 8th grader, I am kind of over the night nursing.

Rule number 1 with co-sleeping is that if you resent it, change it. So last night Cowboy rode pole position in the nursery chair while I tried to sleep. It was lonely without Missy snuggled up. No Cowboy either. Sigh. I still woke every time she cried. I was impressed that Cowboy got her back to sleep without too much of a struggle. Impressed and incredulous. He managed to do in one night what I have been putting off for months.

I was also a bit sad during the night: my baby no longer needed just me.

This morning, however, thoughts of liberation are seeping in. She no longer needs just ME. I can go on a business trip or a girl’s weekend and know – confidently know – that she won’t fall apart.

I might. But she will handle it.

Just like she handles her own spoon. It is a little messy but she gets it done.


Wordgirl said...

Ms. Planner,

This is so interesting to me -- because I think you and I share similar world-views -- and I've been thinking too about how the transition times work -- when they happen --and I can't believe it's been a year!!!

I can understand how bittersweet it is -- she is a beautiful little girl -- and I'm sure -- though there will be pieces you miss of the phases past -- you'll find even more miraculous discoveries ahead that will rush in to fill that gap.



JJ said...

Such a big girl! And sweet as ever=)

Coffeegrl said...

I wanted to weep when we moved our daughter to her crib. Our bed and room seemed so....empty and lifeless without her. Still, her transition was much the same and she seemed very happy to be on her own. This growing up stuff is hard to handle!

Still waiting on AF here too. 18 months and counting. *sigh* I love that she nurses so well, but do have wistful moments when I hope that AF would come back so that maybe, just maybe we could try for #2.

Caro said...

They grow up so fast don't they

Fertilized said...

These little people grow up and transition overnight without much warning. It's hard when there is no notice for us parents. Hang in there. That Lil Missy is adorable!

Fiddle1 said...

OMG...I can see how hard this transitioning could be for you, and how liberating. Ugh. I still wish, wish, wish there was a pause button. but that is a fruitless wish. Enjoying every moment is all we can do. I want to be better at that!!

Fiddle1 said...

Oh, how much fun you must be having with your new puppy Boo and Missy! I say that in all sincerity and also with a chuckle (aack..the puppy weeks!!!!) I couldn't stop laughing about Gus nosing the duck to the shore. Hilarious!! Can't wait to see pics of the little black beauty. And, as always, more pics of Missy!!!