Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Decade of Fun

Last week Cowboy and I celebrated the 10 year anniversary of our first date. A decade of fun, I referred to it.

I remember the day as clear as a bell. We went snowboarding at Mt. Bachelor on a Friday when we didn't have classes. It was a bluebird powder day (there are not many of those in Oregon in January). And he was an incredible rider.

I used to use snowboarding, mountain biking or climbing as my filter for dates. Back in Washington, D.C., from whence I came, I would meet lots of guys at parties who professed to being snowboarders, bikers or climbers. So if asked for a date, I would suggest one of the above. Cowboy was the first guy in a long time who was better than me at one of the aforementioned sports. To this day, he's better than me at most outdoor sports. But I can still kick his ass rock climbing.

We ate a lunch of brought-from-home soup and sandwiches on the tailgate of Old Blue (his pick-up truck). Gus sat between us in the back, begging pets and sandwich crusts. I instantly saw a future with this man.

Just by coincidence, 10 years from that excellent day riding fell on CD14.


megan said...


Meg said...

How fun! Now get pregnant!

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Fiddle1 said...

You and I do the same thing with dates (as in calendar dates..going back to determine what we were doing on this day...) Happy Date-iversary and happy cycle-day-14.

stickybun07 said...

Congrats on your decade of fun! It sounds like you guys have such a wonderful, fun relationship. I'm sorry tht you have to have more patience for this journey, but I'm glad it's with such a great partner.