Monday, April 26, 2010


Normal, healthy baby.

Bring on the fights about sharing clothes and a bathroom... another GIRL!

I am so relieved. I just about cried. I would have been happy with either gender but I secretly really, really, really wanted two girls.

Let's be really original and call her "Sissy."


Wordgirl said...

Oh Hooray!

Ms. Planner I am so happy for you all.

So happy.

Two little skiers!



Life in Eden said...

Ya-HOO! So glad for you both!

megan said...

yahoo! i'm so happy for you! xox

L said...

Relief! Excitement! Great news.

It also helps explain the HEG.


stickybun07 said...

Wooo...wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. So
happy. Cowboy's going to have his hands full! :-)

Fiddle1 said...

Yay, Ms. P! I'm so, so happy for the good news and for the pink (squared!). What a fun, fun house you will have! I'm not surprised with how sick you've been. And, on that note, I'm so sorry. I cannot imagine your misery. What about dramamine? Is it safe? The non-drowsy kind? Also, I'm making my own bread! It's a breeze, whenever you get to feeling better. I'm using the fast acting yeast, so it takes just a couple of hours from start to finish. I hope the stuff in fast yeast is safe..trying to use totally unprocessed stuff, but that yeast is a dream.

JJ said...

Yay! And congrats on another girl!

Caro said...


niobe said...

What wonderful news!

Carrie said...

Brilliant news :-) It's all about the girls!

Nee said...

I am a lurker, pretty much...your blog is in my safari "popular" tab and lo and behold sick boy at home today and me.
Congrats on baby #2! My first one is headed to college...I just thought maybe I could offer a suggestion if you are still nauseated to the point of not holding down food I used to teach a lot of Maternal child health classes, blah, blah, blah...and I had an OB who used B6, B12 to fight the extreme cases. It might help.

Or mother to mother...things that sound totally gross, but quell the nausea- a few Spanish olives, a craving for junk food(I loved cheetoes or some lays chips) and even a tiny teaspoon of A-1 steak sauce on toast. If I send you to spew, sorry! :)

Meg said...

How wonderful!