Thursday, April 1, 2010

Your Feedback Solicited Here

We have a CVS scheduled for April 22 during week 11.

The CVS was originally scheduled for April 19 (Monday) but then my lovely husband asked me to please change it because he has to prepare for his company's annual shareholder meeting also that week. I need him to take the day off to care for Missy post-procedure as I am supposed to rest and not lift anything for 24 hours following.

Changing the CVS by a few days is no big deal. Unless you count my nerves. And that I will now have to wait through an entire weekend to get the early results, instead of getting them a mere 48 hours later. And that April 22 is the day before my birthday.

So what do you think that kind of trade-off warrants?

It is so not like me, but a posh hotel room by my lonesom, room service and in-room facial spring to mind.

Sorry to sound like such a whiner. But I'm sick of feeling sick and so very tired. I just needed to vent.


Meg said...

I'd go for the hotel/facial idea for sure. You deserve it and Missy and dad can have a wonderful night together.

Having your CVS on Earth Day is lucky and wonderful!

Life in Eden said...

Oh do pamper yourself! I too feel like I'm always the one sucking it up due to hubby's professional life. And most of the time that is just how things have to be. So go ahead, indulge! You deserve it.

Hoping the yuckiness abates soon. (((hugs)))

L said...

Why stop with the facial? Throw in a massage, a mani and pedi, okay?

You need to pamper yourself when you can. I get a massage once a week (for migraines, but still) and I know see it as an investment in my sanity.


Sticky Bun said...

Hell yeah, a posh hotel room! And something pretty.

I'll be thinking of you. I know the extra few days is the last thing you wanted, but you're a good woman to accommodate. Hang in there!

Wordgirl said...

No way are you venting -- that is what we're for!

You deserve a wonderful pampering -- anything to help ease the anxiety.

I myself have been dreaming of a sun-filled organic restaurant in town that has the most wonderful coffee --dreaming of just sitting there alone with the newspaper, in the sun.

Be easy on you.

(Easier said than done I know)

I've been meaning to post forever and seeing as how this is the first real long nap she's taken alone forever...hooray I can finally post my reply!