Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Early for October, eh?

Oh my, is it October already?

Travel for some of my work projects has gotten the better of me the past week-and-a-half. And I am still running at a breakneck pace.

Big news in my neck of the woods is that there is a REAL LIVE snow advisory in the Cascades. For serious. Up to a foot of early season snow. Yeeeeeee! Cowboy and I are going to buy our season passes soon. 'Cuz then I will for sure get pregnant, right? I can handle the valley rain as long as I know it is snowing in the mountains. I have to drive to the east side of the mountains later this week and never, ever have I packed snow chains this early in October. As I said earlier, "Yeeeee!"

Yoga. Been back at it for about 2 months now. I go in the mornings but have started practicing at 6 A.M. instead of 5 A.M., which makes all the difference in the world in terms of how much energy I have at the end of the day. Here's a big middle finger to my former acupuncturist who warned that Ashtanga was not so good for my fertility issues. Yeah, and not doing Ashtanga was not so good for my mental stability. So there. Gosh that feels so mature. Suffice it to say that despite that last comment, I am in a much. better. place.

Tag Sale. Last Saturday, held my annual tag sale (garage sale), a tradition that I love and look forward to all year. Am trying to decide what to do with the proceeds. Rule of thumb is that the money goes toward one or two "investment" items. In past years my tag sale has funded (1) everyday dishes, (2) a Karastan Oriental rug and runner and (3) an antique pine armoire for our house. I try to stay away from clothing, shoes, accessories because I know that I will usually end up selling them in another tag sale someday and it will make me feel like my purchase that year wasn't such a good investment. Any suggestions? Oh, sadly, I didn't make enough to come close to funding an IVF or adoption.

Cycle. Three days to go in the Summer of Love. Although I am not expecting to be pregnant because I made a deal with the-powers-that-be-up-there that I would forego a BFP if it meant that Von would get one instead.

By the way, nothing makes the 2WW fly by than a spate of travel and a tag sale to boot.

Anyway, that's my random life. Props out to my best gal JZ for letting me stay at her house in Colorado. I heart you!

Boo! to my friend from the wedding who emailed pictures of her 9-week sonogram to announce she was, yes, in fact, expecting. In all fairness, she did call me in advance of the email to tell me the news. Which was very nice for her to do. But, c'mon people. Is nothing sacred?! Maybe I am just too old fashioned about stuff like that? It is one thing to share early sonogram pics with someone who asks or a caring community, but to email them out to a dist list? Seriously.


Kim said...

Well... sounds like an eventful few months, to say the least! Yay for you for sticking with yoga :O). And SNOW, I'm JEALOUS.

Waiting Amy said...

Sad that the summer of LOVE is winding down. But you sound GOOD, so I am glad! Have fun in the mountains!

ps -- thanks for stopping by, i'm fine :)

Kim said...

Oooo. Good thinking. Maybe you should buy like 3 or 4 extra passes for good measure. To ensure the pregnancy, you know. ;-) Maybe they could carry over to me or something....

Tag sale $? Maybe save some and have a spa day??

JJ said...

Ooo Have fun in the mountains!=)

Von said...

Ahh Shit, You made me cry and gave me bumpy geese. I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU DID SOMETHING AS SELFLESS AS THAT. I JUST CANNOT.
Shit, shit, shit, crying again.
You are an amazing person. You know I wish for nothing more in the world but the same for you.
Thank you.

LJ said...

It's funny, I say tag sale too. It's a New England thing, I believe.

The Oneliner (Christina) said...

yoga rocks. maybe i'll take your lead and start going again.

Carrie said...

Snow already, I'm very jealous. Get the passes now. How fun?

As for your friend and her scan photo. I think that is so wrong on so many levels. I'm sorry she included you in that mail. That was thoughtless of her.

niobe said...

Ignoring the rest of your post to say that the everyday dishes are just beautiful. It seems that I'm always buying sets of white dishes. If I can make some room in my cabinets, perhaps I can add these to my collection.