Friday, October 12, 2007

My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard

Today's beta at 18dpo (4wk6days since LMP) = 2049

I hope this is good. The nurse indicated it was.

Originally my paperwork today read that they were not testing for progesterone. I asked the gal who takes the blood in the office if she would kindly ask the nurse, who would ask Dr. Stretch, if they could test for progesterone. She said she would. But I wouldn't be Ms. Planner if I didn't cover all my bases, so I called the clinic before I even exited its parking garage and asked Dr. Stretch's nurse to please, please, please test my progesterone level.

I just had this feeling, this strong intuition that my progesterone needed to tracked. And good thing I asked for it because my progesterone level actually went down (yikes!) to 25.9 and so now I am on 200mg of progesterone 3x per day.

From what I have read I know there is a lot of mixed opinions about progesterone supplementation. And you can bet I'll be researching it all this weekend. Hello old friend, Dr. Google.

Some argue that a healty embryo would be producing adequate amounts of progesterone. And low progesterone is indicative of an unhealthy embryo. Others supplement with progesterone, monitor their levels and viola! healthy baby. I know which hypothesis I want to believe.

If anyone has any beta on progesterone supplementation, anecdotally or whatever, I would really appreciate hearing it. Because, of course, I am relieved with the 2049 HCG level, but completely freaked out about my progesterone levels.

You can bet I'll be calling my RE next Friday begging for another progesterone test. I've already got it in my calendar.

First u/s is scheduled for Thurs., Oct. 25 (assuming we get there). Tomorrow I am at 5wk0day, which is when I lost Junior #2. Making it past then will be a milestone of sorts. I hope I will be celebrating with a milkshake.


Wordgirl said...

I wish I knew more -- but what I do know is that I will be thinking about you drinking that milkshake!


missedconceptions said...

My OB told me anything above 20 is good for progesterone. My RE has the "can't hurt, might help" attitude towards it when I do get pregnant again.

Good for you for insisting that they test your levels, regardless.

And congrats on the nice, high HCG levels!

megan said...

that's a great looking number.
i have no information for you on the progesterone. like you, i just had a nagging feeling that someone should be concerned with my progesterone levels though. while never tested, i was on prometrium from about week 5-12. it at least made me feel better.
i really hope you'll be enjoying a milkshake on the 25th!

Von said...

Excellent numbers you have there.......
No idea about progesterone really. I was on it for this cycle, more for a support thing than anything. There's nothing wrong with my normal prog levels, as far as I am aware, that is.
Finished up with it the day before I was due to test but went back on it when I had that bit of bleeding. Doc said it would do bugger all. It was more to keep Mr Von happy.......
Soooooo? Who knows but I'd rather have than not, should anything happen.

Kim said...

No real info on progesterone. I take it a few days past ovulation.

Just thinking how good that milkshake is going to taste, though!

Erin said...

How can a song be so dumb, but so excellent all at once? Actually that describes a lot of songs, now that I think about it.

Anyway, great beta news. I know nothing from progesterone levels, as my RE doesn't test for them, but hopefully Dr. Google will help you out. I can't wait for the news on the 25th! I know you're going to make it!

Caro said...

I'm hoping you'll be getting that milkshake on the 25th.

LJ said...

My doc put me on it 3x a day as a precaution, and I'm only in the 2ww. I think it's a pretty common thing.

Anonymous said...

Your numbers are great, you had a 2 day rise of 77%, (which is 27% above normal), and your 2 day rate increase was 212%. Excellent!

tipsymarie said...

Your numbers look great! I've heard anything over 20 on the progesterone is good to go, but it can't hurt to supplement if you choose to do so.
So excited for you and I hope there are many milkshakes in your very immediate future!

Sticky Bun said...

Ms. P, that's a great number. I'm so glad that the numbers are looking good.

And, I heard the same thing as missed conceptions--that progesterone levels at 25 were normal--but good for you for staying on top of it. I've read all that research on progesterone supplementation, too, and it seems to me that it's much better to be safe. Supplement the progesterone and monitor with levels and ultrasound. In hindsight, I'm convinced (thanks to my Dr. Google degree, which is admittedly not that authoritative...) that my p levels were part of our problem. And I wish in hindsight we had been supplementing earlier.

I digress...The point is, I'm so glad that thing look good so far. And I hope that you had a delicious milkshake yesterday. And I hope that the u/s on the 25th looks great.

JKH said...

Great beta!!! I'm so happy for you! And kuddos for sticking to your guns about the progesterone check!!!

Anns said...

I hate to say that I have experience - though a bad one - with progesterone supplements. With baby #2 I was put on twice daily pills and well, we all know the results but that's not to say the progesterone couldn't have helped given that we've since found that massive block in my uterus.

I say it can't hurt to take 'em and from what all these ladies have said your numbers are fine. Mine was at 11 when I was put on the pills at 4.5 weeks which is obviously much scarier than your twenties.

You'll be fine.


Watson said...

Wow Wow WOW!

This is what I get for being sooo behind in my blog reading, I've missed the good news!!

OMG, what a great Beta, I hope things just keep getting' better and better for you -- wishing you all the best!

JJ said...

Oooo such good numbers=)