Sunday, October 14, 2007

8 More Things About Me

The lovely, always artistic, Von at Murphy is a Bastard recently nominated me for the 8 things about me theme. Since I love writing about myself more than anything in the world, I was thrilled to receive this task. We now interrupt our regularly scheduled programming of beta results and progesterone levels* for
8 Things About Me.

1) Similar to Miss Von, I have never had a one-night stand. This fact is the God’s honest truth but I only put this in here because my mom reads my blog.

2) I snowboarded for 12 years before I started skiing. Usually it’s the other way around.

3) For our honeymoon we went to Tasmania and New Zealand. Most of my honeymoon was spent sleeping in a tent or backpacker’s cabin with the exception of a glorious B&B we were surprised with in New Zealand. In Tasmania, we backpacked to the summit of this obscure peak called Frenchman’s Cap. This was of Cowboy’s choosing. Getting there required us slogging through 5K of mud bogs. And slogging it was. I was three days into my marriage and up to my thighs (no joke) in mud. I will tell you about the leeches another time.

4) While on our Frenchman’s Cap trek, we had this huge backpacker’s cabin to ourselves. We wrote in the cabin log that we were there on our honeymoon and, hence, gave every bunk platform a go. But it was all a big lie. After hiking through mud bogs and leeches on Day 1 and a 12-hour summit and back on Day 2, we were too tired to touch each other.

That is Cowboy in his technical hiking knickers. He will love that I published this photo on the internet. Note clothes drying above from aforementioned mud bog foray.

5) I grew up in Texas but am from a family of flaming liberals. They exist in that state. For real. I can prove it.

6) I have been practicing Ashtanga yoga for five years (practicing religiously for about 2) and still have one more pose – supta kurmasana – to go before I master the Primary – yes, as in first – series.

7) When I was a little girl in Texas we had a tornado warning in our town. We were scared to go to bed so our parents put us in our pajamas and let us pick 2 small items from our room that we could hold on to in case we had to take shelter in the bathroom at the center of the house. I choose my stuffed bunny – which I still have – and my poster of Parker Stevenson of the Frank Hardy "Hardy Boys" television show. Because the poster was big and my rescue item needed to be small, I folded the poster into a thick, small square and STUFFED IT DOWN MY UNDERPANTS lest I lose it. Sadly, I no longer have the poster of Parker.**

8) It may sound shallow, but one of my absolute most favorite possessions is my wedding band. I hope I have a child or maybe even a grandchild to give it to one day.

* Today's chocolate milkshake was divine.

** My sister chose her Shaun Cassidy as Joe Hardy "Hardy Boys" poster. So even if our house had been reduced to smithers, we could have taken solace in our matching set of Hardy Boys posters.

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Cannot wait to read what y'all write. Many thanks to Von for helping take my mind off the oh-my-god-am-I-still-pregnant-? train for a brief while.


Vidhur said...

I left a comment a couple of posts back. I am one of those who believe, that yoga improves the working of our glands and body as a whole. But please do not do yoga, in the first trimester. Once again, wish you a happy pregnancy and a healthy baby :)

Lori said...

Hey, Ms Planner!

You must be yoga-tastic to be ready for supta kurmasana. I checked out the link. Wow!

Thanks so much for following my Chakra Sunday series and for commenting. I'm enjoying the research, and whatever I'm working on seems so timely for me.

I'll let you know what my yoga teacher says in answer to your questions.

Congrats on your news!

Wordgirl said...

Love it!

I actually flashed back to my poster of Shaun Cassidy - Da Doo Ron Ron....

Needed a laugh today -- and I am DYING to go to NZ -- that's my next choice for a big trip for us...

I am recently back to yoga -- though so sadly back at the very, inflexible 'what the hell is that fat roll doing there' beginning...

Watson said...

Hey there,

I JUST commented on your last post, sorry I'm lagging so badly.

Thinking of you and sending happy thoughts your way


Von said...

Nice 8. Very envious of the yoga. It's been a while for me...........
Isn't Tasmania beautiful. One of the nicest place on earth.
I am 5 weeks, 4 days. I think we are only a day apart. Cool.

Von said...

I've no idea how they date it? I suppose they would have to date it from my last LMP which would be the 1st Sept. Of course they can be more accurate as we know the exact date they went it but I think for future care with a different Doc., if I get that far, it's easiest to go from the LMP. It might confuse them otherwise.......
You doing ok?

Waiting Amy said...

Thanks for the tag -- I'm on it. Just a little rusty with writting but I'll get there :)

missedconceptions said...

I FINALLY got mine posted!!
I wasn't ignoring you, just busy grading and makin' nookie.