Friday, November 16, 2007

Aw shucks, thanks for all the birthday messages! You know how to make an old guy feel loved. But what is this about me potentially getting a little brother or sister? Huh? No one cleared that with me. Fuckers.


christina(apronstrings) said...

oh my word, he is a real doll.

Carrie said...

Happy birthday, Gus.
My three dogs, two oldies and a six year old, are getting another puppy if this baby business doesn't work out this year. Perhaps that'll cheer you up because puppies are way more of a nuisance than babies!

About the scan, how fantastic, how amazingly fantastic. I am thrilled that everything is looking so rosy. Smiling for you both, or all as it now is. I understand your need to choose terminology carefully. You know what though, sometimes it just works out real fine (I keep telling myself this because it is true.).

Waiting Amy said...

Wow Gus, you really are a looker! And a man of the world it seems.

Just let me know next time your out toward the east coast and we can get it on. I'm okay with the bi-thing. Otherwise, hope to see you when I get out to the west coast!

kisses, Lucy

Vidhur said...

Dear Ms Planner,
Read the comment that you left on my blog. Firstly, I am not a 'expert' on yoga. But I will not hesitate to tell you, that I would not practise yoga with a DVD, definitely. At least with a instructor, you will know if you are doing something wrong, right?So the first trimester,( like your instructor also told you) just avoid it. The effects of yoga(especially it's usefulness in making our glands more effective and efficient) are lasting. :) Don't worry.Wishing you a happy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Vidhur said...

Hey, and Gus is so cute!