Wednesday, March 19, 2008

7th Inning Stretch

I don't know why I included a baseball reference in the title. Other than it is the only reference I can think of right now related to the #7. Seven being the number of months pregnant I will be on Easter Sunday.

As this blog is my journal and my blog, thought I would take a minute to jot down some recent stats (more baseball - and I'm not even a fan):

I've gained 24 lbs so far.

I'm still doing yoga, but mostly at home. When I was recovering from a miscarriage and trying to get pregnant, the yoga studio was my safe space. I'm sensitive about interjecting my obvious belly into someone else's safe space, so just in case, I explained to my instructor that I'd be practicing at home for the most part. I do a very slow, modified Ashtanga practice or a kick-ass prenatal yoga DVD. Bending over in yoga is getting tough, so I may be trying out a prenatal class soon.

I passed my gestational diabetes test.

Since I am Rh-negative, the antibodies test came back as predicted. Yet another shot of Rho-Gam.

I failed my anemia test and now must take 325mg (!) of iron a day. At first I thought this was no biggie, but then quickly realized that most iron supplements come in 25mg doses, which equals a heck of a lot of iron pills each day.

We signed up for a 529 college plan.

We have started working on "the room." Will post pictures when there is more to show than paint on the walls and pieces of a crib stacked in the corner waiting for assembly. Right now I am re-finishing a vintage secretary-style desk to use as a changing table. It is slow going because I cannot use any chemicals (hand sanding is so fun!) and wear a mask and gloves for safety. I will be pestering this blogger soon for curtain sewing tips.


Waiting Amy said...

Glad you are doing fine. Just a note about the iron/anemia. Iron is notoriously poorly absorbed from supplements, but Vit C seems to help absorption. So try taking with some juice. Or you can try Akeeyu's appoach (herveryown) and eat your way through an entire cow -- it worked for her.

Can't wait to see Missy's room!

Lori said...

Your home run is getting really close (to weakly keep the analogy going).

I love hearing that things are progressing for you!

Sticky Bun said...

Hooray for 7 months! In hindsight, doesn't it seem like time flies? (I say in hindsight because, in the thick of it, that's not really how it feels...)

Also sorry about the iron supplements. I had to start some after my glucose screening as well. My nickel's worth of free advice is this: they definitely gave me a bit more heartburn, so I'd try not to take one right before bed. And, I'm sure they already gave you the OJ tip, but I guess that helps the absorption of iron.

Okay...I'll stop with the unsolicited iron advice. :-)

Bottom line--I'm thrilled that things are looking so good! And, thank you SO much for the meditation tip. I've started to practice it so hopefully I can use it on Friday.

Newt said...

Sounds like great news. I've done the hand-sanding, and it's miserable. Hope you're not leaking sawdust out of your ears for the rest of the trimester. And I hope seven is very very lucky for you!

christina(apronstrings) said...

24 lbs isn't bad at all. yea for 7 months!

Geohde said...

That's a lotta iron for sure, hope it doesn't block you up :)


Wordgirl said...

Time goes by so quickly!

My thoughts are with you Ms.Planner -- what wonderful timing with Spring approaching...