Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Crabbiest Month

After living in the Northwest for 8 years, I've come to realize that April is the crabbiest month. It's still cold. It's still rainy. The beginning of April is like Ground Hog Day for us - minus the ground hog. We don't need one because we flat out know to expect shitty weather for the next 6 weeks.

The cold and damp imbue every living thing. It makes Gus sulk. It makes people crabby and rude.

Or maybe it is just that I returned from a trip to Texas, where people call you ma'am (and not because they think you are old) and hold doors for you. Unlike the airport parking security asshole at PDX who threatened to write Cowboy a ticket because he left his car for 5 seconds to help open the door to the airport exit for me as I struggled with 2 suitcases, a carry-on and a big belly. Sigh. Because no one else offered to help hold the door.

For as much as I love where I live, the everyone-is-free-do-to-his-own-thing-and-I'm-content-to-be-in-my-own-world ethos is one thing that gets me down when it takes the form of aloofness.

I am just being old-fashioned that I think it is simply a nice gesture for men to hold doors for women? Or that it bothers me that our friends and neighbors let their kids call me by my first name. I do not like a five-year-old calling me Ms. Planner. I prefer Miss Ms. Planner or Mrs. Ms. Planner.

Poor Missy. She'll be the only freak in the neighborhood referring to grown-ups as Mr. & Mrs. and routinely using "Yes, ma'am" and "No, sir."

Now who's crabby? Hormonal, maybe?

In other news, you can tell how great snow season has been by how long it takes Cowboy to file our taxes. We still haven't done them yet.

Our snowpack is like 200% of normal. I didn't mind being the snow sacrifice this season. Really, I didn't.

I have ten weeks to go.

It was our third anniversary yesterday. Because the traditional gift for a third anniversary is leather, I hope Cowboy wasn't embarassed in front of the other restaurant patrons when he opened the leather riding crop I bought for him. Just kidding. I didn't buy such a thing.

But I thought about it.


Lori said...

I have no brilliant comment, but I wanted you to know that you have me chuckling at that image!

Meg said...

We should trade houses each Spring. You can come to sunny Denver and we will go to my favorite city, besides Seattle of course.

When we almost moved to Portland in May 2005, everyone warned me of the dreary rain and springtime grey. I'll take that for the green you have all summer. Here (and TX) it is brown, dusty and lots of forest fires int he summer.

Plus TX is full of republicans. Bleh.

JJ said...

Grr blogger ate my comment--

Happy anniversary to you and cowboy=)

E said...

I totally wish you'd gotten him the riding crop. So perfect.

My good friend has a dog-walking business in Portland and I think of her during this nasty part of spring. No fun at all!

I'm glad Missy will be well-mannered! Maybe she can share it with her pals and their parents and start a revolution! I'm kind of uncomfortable with the first name calling, as well, although I am a bit frightened at the idea of being addressed as Mrs. YIKES!

Watson said...

WOW --

Only ten weeks to go -- congrats, you're doing great!
And happy anniversary too!



Geohde said...

I'm with you on teaching children to call their elders appropriately. I would have NEVER called my friends parents by their first names when I was a little tacker,


niobe said...


Uh, I mean, happy anniversary!