Monday, April 21, 2008

Week of April 21: 8 months, 8 weeks to go.

Busy, busy week ahead.

Sun: L&D tour at the hospital. Hang head when Cowboy asks if we can bring Gus into the waiting room. In his defense, the lady giving the tour made a big deal about our ability to invite as many family members and friends into the waiting room as we want. Find out that they have flatscreens in the labor/delivery/rest rooms. And cable. Neither of which we have. Is it wrong to kind of hope that Missy will oblige her mama and come late in the week so I can watch "What Not to Wear" on TLC?

Mon: Interview pediatrician. Decide I like her when she says she doesn't mind if I space out vaccinations so Missy won't get several in one day. Bonus points for her saying that she believes that rising rates in autism are probably linked to bad things in the environment.

Mon: Texas Independence Day. Hang out Lone Star flag. Check.

Tues: Earth Day. For the past several years, I celebrate by adding one thing each year to minimize our impact on the environment. This year it is going paper towel-less. We've been paper towel free in our house since January and it hasn't been that hard at all.

Wed: My birthday! Last year I celebrated by recovering from miscarriage #2. Am hoping for a much better day this year.

Thurs: nothing.

Friday: My one year blog-a-versary! What a difference a year makes. I've been thinking a lot about how changed my life is from last year to this year. Will post my thoughts as soon as I suss them all out.

Would love to hear from others as to how you celebrate Earth Day. Do you celebrate it? What, if any, are some things you've done this year to contribute in a positive way to the environment.

Or you can post a "shut up, you hippie" comment if you want to instead. It will make me laugh. I love that word. Hippie. It's funny.


Lori said...

What a week! You and I must have started blogging about the same time.

I'm a hippie in two ways:

1. I have big hips

2. I went to Whole Foods today for their amazing and hugely heavy chocolate chip cookies. I bought 4 and am about to eat my second.

Happy birth-earth-blog day!

Waiting Amy said...

I can't say I do "celebrate" Earth Day. Although they are doing some things at The Snake's school, so perhaps we will start.

We too gave up paper products for quite awhile, and it was easy. Then my child turned about 3. I have to admit, there is nothing like a paper napkin for super messy faces - at least when they are learning it for themselves. I hope to go back to cloth. And we rarely use paper towels. But we do.

Will you go cloth diapers, Ms. Hippie? ;-)

I'd like to, but with 2, I'm not sure I have the capacity for the laundry while apartment living!

Waiting Amy said...

Oh, sounds like a gloriously busy and exciting week!

And I could kiss Cowboy for the comment about Gus. Too cute.

Caro said...

Wow that does sound busy. I don't do anything specific for Earth day but do try to make some changes.

I've got some cloth nappies but was unfortunately derided for tumble drying them after their pre-use wash. This was by my right-on vegan friend who I suppose is better at this stuff than me.

christina(apronstrings) said...

listen you little hippie...
you're making me feel like a slack. i need to get on this stuff.
hey, i did buy 12 cloth diapers yesterday. so take that.

Fiddle1 said...

All I will say is "Happy Birthday!"

Meg said...

Happy Birthday chica.

Kirsten said...

For Christmas I got reusable grocery bags and have used them consistently. I am very proud. But. I am terrible about leaving lights on. So I have been instructing my 2 and a half year old on the greatness of turning off lights and saving electricity. Somehow when a 2 year old reminds you to do something, you do it.

Loving your blog BTW.

Geohde said...

ALways intrigued to meet a real, live hippie. I think they've all been hunted out of existence where I live :)

(Happy birthday!)


Wordgirl said...

Happy Birthday sister...

I'm right there with you in the hippie brigade...card carrying greenie here...completely having a mid-life crisis about living in the suburbs and how I can clean up my little corner of the world -- composting, growing a garden, planting trees, walking as much as I can, changing all our light bulbls, using green products, supporting this year I'm going to try to buy fewer packaged products...I'm not sure how that's going to go..

Happy happy!

I would give anything to live in 'the greenest city in the US'



Sticky Bun said...

Happy Birthday! And--wow, what a week!

As for earth day, the only time I can remember celebrating it was when I went to a Fishbone concert at the local college with my dreamy high school boyfriend when I was 16. Of course, that had absolutely nothing to do with going green, but it was an "earth day" concert.

hmmm...that sounds really bad, doesn't it?