Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The countdown

Less than 10 days to go before Christmas. And Missy is scanning the sky for Santa.

Actually, she's looking for snow. Until this week, we had only trace amounts throughout the West. Today it is snowing on the valley floor in Portland, which is a rare thing indeed.

Next week we leave for 12 (gulp!) days in our ski camper with a 7-month old in tow. I am both happy beyond belief and a bit nervous.

Every year we do a holiday post card. This is ours from this year.


Wordgirl said...

Oh Ms.Planner -- and I swear I do not dole out 'your baby is gorgeous' comments to everyone -- but my goodness she's a beauty -- and I have no doubt she's gong to be a kick-ass skier too -- you can just see could she not?

Oh I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful trip in that ski camper -- I am beyond envious -- but only in the best ways...



megan said...

have a wonderful holiday!

Waiting Amy said...

A looker indeed! And I just love that pic ... scanning the sky, that's just what she looks like! And I love the sweater (handmade?)

You will be surprised how resilient you will be on this trip. You can totally do this with a 7-month-old! Have a blast!

Lori said...

That's a terrific picture.

But the one I REALLY want to see is one of you on Day 13 of The Trip.

Fertilized said...

That is a wonderful picture of a gorgeous baby girl

Sticky Bun said...

Such a great shot! I love that she's "scanning the sky." :-)

Kim said...

What a beautiful little girl and picture!!!

Hope you are enjoying the trip!!