Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Harvest Season

I am exhausted. I should be sleeping. But I can’t. Every time I get close to falling asleep, I hear a "thwock" coming from my kitchen denoting that another jar of delicious, organic applesauce from Eastern Washington has sealed itself. And I get all proud and giddy.

So far we’ve put up:
- 15 quarts of peaches (see above)
- 16 quarts of pears
- 10 quarts of apple sauce...with more to come
- 15 pints of roasted tomato sauce, which is no small feat when you consider that it takes 10 lbs of tomatoes roasting for 6 hours to make 3 pints of sauce.

It is my first foray into canning. I am quite hooked.

This year, our family Earth Day goal was to join a CSA. At a local meet-the-farmers night, I got hooked into a locavore food network run by a young farmer wife who networks with other farms to bring local products to market. It is major off-the-grid grocery shopping. In addition to our weekly veggies & berries, now we now eat local cheese, yogurt, honey, grass-fed beef, pastured chickens & their eggs, pastured pork and have access to the yummiest organic pears, peaches, apples and nectarines for a fraction of what we would pay in the store.

It takes a bit of extra effort sourcing all this stuff and organizing it into meals but it is worth it when I watch Missy devour half a peach that we canned and then sign "more please."


Fiddle1 said...

Awesome! I can hear your cans "thwocking" now. I put up probably 20 quarts of peeled romas. Strange thing the other day. I went into the pantry and one of the jars was broken??? Just sitting there broken. Anyway, I cleaned it up and noticed another jar had not sealed properly (bad of me for not checking). I opened it and poured out the tomatoes and gagged for 4 hours. It smelled WORSE THAN A DEAD COW ROTTING IN A BEAVER SWAMP. And yes, I've smelled a dead cow rotting in a beaver swamp in 90 degree heat in central Alabama. Rotten romas are WAY worse. Note to self. Be SURE to check that those puppies have sealed!

megan said...

very, very impressive, ms. planner!

Lavender Luz said...

Wow -- impressive! Canning seems like a good thing to get hooked on.

Laughing at Fiddle1!

L said...

We joined a CSA and were actually kind of disappointed. The food went bad in 2-3 days and we only got vegetables and two measly melons.

It actually less expensive for us to by locally sourced food at our grocery store and we get a better selection.

S loves the veggie pancakes that Mr. MC makes from our CSA stuff. It is very satisfying to see them gobbling up healthy food!


L said...


and I am impressed Missy signs "more please!'

S signs/screams "feed me more food right now or I will surely waste away to nothing! Yeah! I'm talking to you over there! Food! Food! Food!" Or something close to that.

JJ said...

YUM! And I am still so grateful for the apples you sent our way last year--so delish!