Friday, October 16, 2009

Yes Ma'am

I can't sleep again. I think my body just got used to Missy's every-other-hour-night-wakings stint (I kid you not. It sucked. Sigh.) and now my body is like, "Uh-uh, sister. We are so not going to sleep only to have that g-damn baby monitor wake us up in 45 minutes."

So, we don't have T.V. but we still watch T.V. Thanks to Net*flix, I get to revisit all sorts of gems I never could stay up for in a previous life. Now I have a major crush on Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights.

I know. Major hotness.

I think it is the Texas girl still in me. I mean, I now live in a place where I hardly wear make-up or jewerly and my ever-present Patagucci fleece vest actually looks cool instead of frumpy - like it would in Texas. I love where I live but I sometimes get nostalgic for big skies, serious football and men and boys who say, "yes, ma'am" and "no sir." So hot.

Save for Cowboy, no one calls me "ma'am" here. And I am at the point in my life where I kind of want them to. Maybe that is yet another reason I married him.


Fiddle1 said...

OK. Now I am frightened. We are both from Texas (me: Alice, TX). We both watch old tv shows on netflix (just finished last season of Grey's). G and I haven't had cable our entire married life, and our digital signal sucks. Yours and my daughters think that nightime sleep is for the birds. If you miss two-stepping so much you can't stand it then I'd swear you are hiding in my closet stalking me. Hope you get some sleep soon.

L said...

I love that actor. I have had a crush on him for years. He certainly is hot.

I hear FNL is a great show, too. Someday.