Friday, November 27, 2009


There are many, many things I love about living in the West. One of my favorites is that you can buy a Christmas tree permit from the USDA for $5 and cut down your very own tree from one of the nearby national forests.

We head up around Mt Hood for ours every year during the Thanksgiving holiday. This year was especially poignant as it was our pup's first tree hunt and - at 15 years old - most likely our golden retriever's last.


Fiddle1 said...

I loved this post. Cowboy is very impressive running around with no socks! But the best part is Missy's beautiful smile. It makes everything seem bright and warm, despite the cold snow.

Meg said...

How wonderful! Missy looks so big now! I am sad about Gus...what a terrible reminder of how quick times goes,

Sticky Bun said...

So beautiful! And Missy looks like she fits right in with her tree (and her saw!). So cute. :-)

L said...

She so big! And so pretty!
I wish dogs had longer lives.


Sushilover said...

Haven't been around my blog lately so just catching up on others. OMG, can't believe how big Missy is :)

LIL MAMA said...

cutting down your own tree must be so awesome!!!

here in california, we have tree lots in parking lots, lol lol.

Angel said...

it`s cool!

every time, when I see in cinema a moment when family go for a Christmas tree, my heart is knocks
and I am very excited, because in my country we have not this(
For my it`s ..maybe "ritual"..

you are my next blog and I read you
now, I have nice mood :)

P/s golden retriever - my dream!
P/P/s soory for my mistake, I`m from Ukrain)