Friday, January 8, 2010

Fuck it & Wing it

While perhaps a good strategy for DIY during the holidays and a ski road trip, did not pay off in the end. Sigh.

Today is CD28. I greeted this morning with a sick, whiny toddler and a BFN after hoping, hoping, hoping that actually making it this far meant, well...very good things.

Patience is my mantra today.

Three years ago I would have been devastated about this morning's main event. Today my attitude is more keep-calm-and-carry-on. There was breakfast to be made, doggies to be walked and the cutest nose on earth (hers, not mine) that needed wiping.

I can only hope that I remain this resolute in the coming months.


megan said...

aw crap. i'm sorry.
(any chance it's too early to test?)

Caro said...

I'm sorry.

stickybun07 said...

I'm sorry, Ms. P. I love the calm, cool attitude, but hope you won't even need to worry about it much longer.

Meg said...

You will get there... patience is good and hopefully it will not run out. Hope Missy feels better soon!

L said...

Toddlers are a wonderful distraction. BFNs are still sad, even if you have to rush and make breakfast.


Wordgirl said...

I love your attitude Ms. Planner...

I've been meaning to write you forever -- will you shoot me an email? I couldn't find an address for you -- but rather than take up your comments space with a really long thank you -- I'd like to write a note -- you've been such a wonderful support -- and I was especially touched knowing that you have been such an unflagging support...with advice and notes -- thank you. I've even been reading your archives from when Missy first arrived and it's been such comfort knowing that what I'm going through with Z is universal...thank you -- for your friendship, for this blog...and if I'm ever in your part of the world -- and I hope someday we have a nice vacation there -- you can bet I will be looking you up!