Thursday, March 4, 2010

First Hurdle Cleared

Second beta = 783

Up 139% from 48 hours earlier. Well over doubling.

They didn't test my progesterone again. Damn. Sometimes I want my RE back. I begged the nurse for another progesterone test. Told them it dropped with Missy the first few weeks of her gestation. So I am waiting to hear what they say.

They want me to schedule an ultrasound in the next few weeks. I LOVE my OB, but - again - am missing Dr. Stretch, my old RE. With him, I had a very set protocol: (1) initial beta, (2) second beta, (3) beta, (4) u/sound at 6.5 weeks to look for a heart beat, (5) follow-up ultrasound at 9.5 weeks to look for heart beta and fetal movement.

And you know how much I love a good plan.

Now I just feel left to wing it. So I am wondering: should I schedule an u/sound for 2 weeks out, which would put me at 7.5 weeks, where we may see a heart beat (please, please, please!)? Or should I wait (can I wait it out?) another week and hope to see a heart beat and maybe some movement at 8.5 weeks?

Thoughts and suggestions gladly accepted.

I know this all sounds a little bit desperate. Especially in light of my misgivings just a few days ago. Bottom line: I'll take another baby any day over another miscarriage, even though I have very little say in either matter at this point.

On a related night, I finally told Cowboy last night. That man's optimism never fails to inspire me.

"C'mon...aren't you just a little bit excited?" he asked after digesting the news.

"You know, honey, it just doesn't work for me like that anymore," I replied, "I have to take it one day at a time."

We read in silence for a few minutes.

"Okay, but what about some more girl names?"

That man. He never fails to make me smile.


Life in Eden said...

Aren't men funny? Mine was the same way, always expecting it will all work out. Glad things are still looking good! No advice on the u/s front. Having the earlier one is reassuring, but when you've been through what we have, there will be niggling doubts until you can feel it. At least for me.

Hang in there girlie! All my digits crossed for smooth sailing!

Thalia said...

That's a great beta! Phew.

I can never wait past six weeks for an ultrasound. I would get one by seven point five weeks for definite. A heartbeat then is pretty much a dead cert if things are going to be ok.

Fingers crossed.

L said...

You will be able to see a heartbeat by 7 weeks (earlier, actually, but definitely by then)so I would schedule early.

Are you taking baby aspirin and lovenox? I can't remember if you did before.


Coffeegrl said...

That sounds like some nice comfy numbers! I'm smiling for you :) I love your husband's response - so cute.

Caro said...

Great numbers and good reaction from cowboy too.

Lavender Luz said...

He's very sweet. :-)

Congrats on your great numbers and getting over that hurdle.

Anonamom said...

Congrats, every hurdle crossed is so helpful to release fear. I am glad your sweetie is supportive. I know that heart tones are far more revealing than HCG levels, so for many women they are more comforting. on the progest. front, my m/w has me on pregest cream (organic excellence brand) 4x daily. You can buy it online, and it can't hurt the pregnancy at all, only help. Good luck to you!!!

K said...

Congrats!!!!! Hope all is well.