Monday, May 17, 2010

Who Needs Pony Rides...

...or bouncy houses when you have a helicopter at your two-year-old's birthday party.*

Looking forward to putting, "First helicopter ride: Age 2" in Missy's baby book.

* In our defense, we are so low key we would have never really commissioned a helicopter for Missy's birthday. But we celebrate her birthday at a local vineyard with friends and it turns out that the winemakers were offering helicopter rides as a special event that day. How could we not give it a go?


Life in Eden said...

Wowie! Very cool.

Congrats on your hard won sleep -- soak it up girl!

And thank you so much for your donation! That was so sweet of you.

L said...

Holy cow! Go, Missy!

Our only hope this year for S's 2nd birthday is that it doesn't rain like it did last year. Talk about low standards.


megan said...

oh my god she is ADORABLE! that's so great!

Coffeegrljp said...

Awesome! I would have done the same!