Saturday, May 29, 2010

Retail Therapy. Check it out.

For those of you out there who are (a) still reading and (b) pregnant or breastfeeding. Have I got a find for you...

Jakfish - clothing for active, knocked up or breast feeding ladies

I just ordered some goodies and can't wait for the cozy fleeces and skort to arrive. It is still rainy and in the 50's in Portland, so I anticipate living in fleeces for the next several weeks.

(Note to the weather gods: we Northwesterners generally prefer our la nina's to commence in winter, when the ski areas are actually open. Otherwise we just get bitter and depressed when it is June and is still rainy and cold).

But back to shopping.

When I was pregnant with Missy, I stretched the living shit out of every single one of my Prana yoga pants - even to the point of holes in some of them. I still haven't replenished my stock.

And there is nothing more depressing - for you AND him - than wearing your honey's XL sweatshirt from college. Again.

So treat yourself!

I know this post sounds all chipper, but I am nearly 17 weeks and still sick for fuck's sake. My OB is going to put me on predn1sone next week if the nausea doesn't abate by then. It is hard to drive (motion sickness) so a little online retail therapy was in order as Cowboy does the evening bed time routine with Missy.

I am supposed to be working. Shhhh.


L said...

Prednisone = miracle drug.

I am on it for colitis and asthma but the benefit of NOT PUKING EVERY DAY is pretty awesome.

It does give me wicked heartburn and insomnia, though.


Life in Eden said...

yay! you sound good. yay!

Caro said...

Fleecey maternity clothing? I'm off to check their shipping.

Kevin said...
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Kevin said...

Hey, that is interesting. Buying maternity clothing can make you feel good as you say one of those days where you feel depressed because of the weather or whatever. I would call that a good therapy. Is like when we do Cognitive therapy and forget about our prblems. I really like your ideas for my wife, keep it up!