Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away

During their 7-month tenure at Fort Clatsop, Ore., in 1806, Lewis & Clark endured a winter where it rained all but 12 days. They saw the sun just six days in that 7-month period. No surprise that they were eager to leave.

I know how they feel.

By yesterday - halfway through the month - Portland recorded its second rainiest month in history (the record was set in 1888) with record low temperatures across the state. Until last Saturday - when the sun finally shone for a brief 24 hours and we all crowded onto the sunniest spot on our deck, eager for a Vitamin D fix - it had rained 18 days. in. a. row. This is the longest time on record that it has taken Portland to reach 80 degrees. These days, we are happy to reach 70.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve seen the moon or stars.

I shouldn’t complain. A nearby friend’s father is dying of cancer and – until last weekend – he was despondent that he would leave this earth without ever seeing the sun again. Imagine that. Never seeing the sun again. Ever.

I called our vet in tears yesterday because poor, old Gus is having a hard time using his back legs. He needs help getting up and then gimps around when he does. The vet urged me to hold out for warmer, drier weather before making any rash decisions about his fate. All his “senior patients” are having a rough time with arthritis this spring, he said.

Please warm weather. Come. Now.

For Mr. Knight, so he can sit on his porch during his last days. For Gus, so he can use his back legs and live a few more months.

For this momma, who yearns to see some sun-kissed cheeks on her sweet girl.

Missy and Boo head outside during a break in the rain. Thank heavens for our hand-me-down raincoat - a wardrobe staple this spring. Oh - by the way - did I mention that Boo blew out her knee and is having knee replacement surgery today. Happy first birthday, Boo! Hope you like you new knee since it cost 4 large and now we can't afford to vacation to someplace warm. When it rains, it pours!


Meg said...

One more reason why you should move to Boulder/Denver.

I am really sorry to hear about Gus. We are having to make our own decisions about our elderly labrador too. It is never easy.

Coffeegrljp said...

We finally got a couple of good days of sun this week. Hope you did too! I don't expect sun and warm temps until July 4th here in Seattle - it's pretty standard to have rain and cool weather until then. Still, once you have kids and they get cabin starts to seem unfair to be inside for so long!!

Carrie said...

Hey you,
Sorry I've not got back to you sooner. I would love to share our story but will do so on email. I'm not comfortable online but I'd love for you to hear it, just need to find some time!!

How are you doing now? I so hope you've had better weather and your beloved furry one is having a bit of relief. And how about you- sickness lessened? I so hope it has and you're blooming.

Take care and I'll be in touch soon.

Thanks too for the Mothers Day message. I was very touched :-)