Monday, June 14, 2010

Beautiful Baby

Those were the exact words both the technician and the perinatologist used to describe Sissy at our 18-week ultrasound.

Those heady words still can't stop me from feeling guilty for feeding this baby more anti-nausea meds than food during her first four months in utero.

The nausea is mostly gone but I am still exhausted. I guess some recovery from a three-month long sickness is to be expected. Unfortunately, I put off a lot of client work until this month and now I am slammed. Don't know how I will do this with 2.


Fiddle1 said...

I cannot believe how quickly time is going (for your readers, though definitely not for you!). You are almost halfway there. Okay, Ms. P, I'm going to insert a stern voice here now: remember that we do our best for our kids, but we can't be perfect. There is NO perfect. Those anti-nausea drugs you took were necessary for your sanity, your health, your comfort, and for Sissy's health. They are not harmful. Take it easy on yourself. I think God has a way of laughing at us when we get so judgemental of ourselves and others ..that's His invitation to throw all kinds of eye-opening experiences at us. You and your family do everything you can to be healthy and green. I've never met anyone with as much determination and grit to do so as you!

Now I hope the next few weeks bring that second trimester goodness to you. You deserve it!

Wordgirl said...

Fiddle said it better than I --you are doing everything wonderfully -- in fact your corner of the universe is my new mecca -- I want to live where you guys do -- I look forward to more wonderful updates --I'm so so thrilled for you, Cowboy, Missy & Sissy!

You've been such a steadfast friend -- please know I read you faithfully and think of you and yours often!

You'll find a new normal when number 2 arrives --perhaps an eco-baby company (Oh, wait that's ME who wants to start a baby/juicebar coffee/bar meeting place/yoga center/toddler projects place here. Too bad I'm not one for business...



Caro said...

Great news.