Saturday, May 19, 2007

Clean Slate

That is what yesterday felt like. It was CD 1 so I called Dr. Stretch, my RE, to schedule my Clomid Citrate Challenge Test and HSG. We also elected to have an immunological work-up done.

After some quick math from a couple different resources, we surmised that these 3 tests will cover between 90-93% of all the known and most frequently occuring physiological reasons that can cause recurrent miscarriage. We are saving the his-&-hers DNA karotype analysis, which affects between 7-10% of couples who have recurrent miscarriage and cost $800 a pop, for later.

"Are you available to come in today?"

And with that, we were officially whisked into the world of assisted reproductive therapy.

14 vials of blood, 2 perscriptions (one for mothers-little-helper Clomid & one for a pre-and post-HSG antibiotic) and one dildocam later, we were on our way.

Actually, I was on my way.

While Cowboy's been SUPER through this whole RE thing, he's nicknamed Cowboy for a reason. Sensitivity is not in his bag of tricks. Neither is talking about "lady" things. The poor guy already had a full scale drawing of a uterus and fallopian tubes shoved in his face during our initial consult with Dr. Stretch. So I wanted to spare him the dildocam experience.

Puh-lease. It's not like we have to share everything.

Although he would have been right proud because apparently I've got a "great looking uterus." What a random thing to announce. But, then again, I was proud of my ute and ovaries, which are housing 14 follicles at the moment. I don't do all that yoga, acupuncture and nasty Chinese herb swilling for nothing, you know.

Oh gosh, what's this?

Why, Ms. Planner, it sounds like something called, "hope." You know Hope. I believe you referred to her as a cruel, fucking evil mistress a few months back.

Oh, yes. Her.

Of course, there was Hope peering her head around the corner. She made me feel pleasant and bouncy on what is normally a lousy CD1. Like all of our baby problems would be solved by this RE's office.

The obviously despondent patient scanning her calendar in the reception area as I checked out brought me crashing back to earth.

You see, I was starting to expect that this might be easy street: Have a few tests; take a few drugs; do it on Day 12,13 & 14; and presto! pregnancy that makes it all 9 months.

But I MUST remember that this will be a much longer path to mom-hood. I'll need the endurance and positive outlook to make it in one piece.

The low down:
Day 1 FSH & Estradiol report back on 5/21.
Clomid taking commences 5/22 - 5/26.
HSG scheduled for 5/25.
CCCT part 2 on 5/27 - right in the middle of Memorial Day weekend.
Immunological results back on 5/30.

What a month May has turned out to be.

P.S. I have been tagged by a couple of my blog friends for the 8 Things and I AM memes. I promise I will work on them this weekend.


Erin said...

Hope is a good thing! Keep it alive! She can be that cruel fucking evil bitch at times, but for now, let the bitch in! I love that you guys are using math to make decisions too. Can you BELIEVE how much blood they take for those immunological tests?

Thanks for getting the De La Soul reference in my post. I was hoping people wouldn’t think it was just some horrible poem!

Good luck with the CCCT!


Carrie said...

Hope! Don't you hate her, yet life with out her is too bleak. She's a dangerious beastie, no mistake.

The plan sounds like a good one, and pretty comprehensive. Over here they'd do one bit each cycle, meanwhile I'd be approaching pensionable age. It's good you've the option of being more proactive. The money stings a bit though, doesn't it? I keep thinking if it works it'll be worth every penny but...... Hmmm I think I'll have to reaquaint myself with that Hope demoness.

Ms. Planner said...

Carrie, I would go absolutely freaking mad if the docs put me through the tests one step at time. Hat's off to you sister. I admire your patience. Something that is in short supply for Ms. P (but I am learning its value rather quickly).

Erin, yes 12 vials for all those tests! Yikes-o-rama. I will be so PISSED if it doesn't give us any answers. Don't even want to go there now b/c it is 10 long days away.