Friday, May 18, 2007

I just learned how to post images to That Was the Plan. How nifty is that!

This one seems appropriate enough to start with, eh?

Cowboy wanted to use this photo as our annual holiday postcard. See, since we have no human baby, our fur baby adorns the card each year.

Lest you think we are sickos, we didn't try to get Gus to do this. Seriously, he does exactly THIS whenever we are around snow (which is a lot). It only happens when it is snowing. And only to Cowboy. I should point out that Gus has been neutered for more than a decade. Super random.

Notice how Cowboy is shielding his eyes to protect the not-so-innocent. Tee hee.

Here he is for real. Awwww!

Anyone else out there treat their pets like the children they don't have yet? Yeah, I thought so. At least you can keep them in the garage when you have a dinner party. (Actually, now that he is so old, Gus sleeps through our dinner parties).

CD 1 - FINALLY! Scheduling Clomid Challenge Test, HSG & Immunological work-up today.


Carrie said...

Gus is lovely!

My dogs aren't babies as such but I do care for them so very much. They all have very different personalities. It's like little furry people. Well, almost, you know what I mean I hope!!

I'm sorry it's CD1 but I'm glad you've got a plan together. It's good to have a plan ;-)

Alice said...

Wow. That is the cutest dog! Even when he's um, busy with the Cowboy's legs. I'm so curious to know where you guys live (transplanted Seattlelite over here). Thanks for the birthday wishes as well.

webmaster said...

Matthew M. F. Miller says:

Found you over on Reproductive Jeans - your dog is so cute.

My wife and I are dealing with IF, too, and while my puppy doesn't make our baby-free life OK, she does make it easier.

If you get a chance, stop by my blog and say hi. I look forward to checking in again soon.

Erin said...

Oh - he's so cute! We totally treat our dog like a kid. It's pathetic sometimes, but she loves it! She'll be in for a shock wen we do finally have a baby.

Do you still have all that snow??

Coffeegrl said...

I loved seeing these pictures! Thanks for sharing :) My cat, who has made a brief appearance on my blog, acts like a big baby. He's a super-duper people person and I can't resist all that fur and love. He's not supposed to be on the bed, but when Gboy's not around the cat and I often have a snuggle or nap - on the bed! *LOL* What can I say? I'm a sucker for a cute face and pitiful meow.