Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I Scream, You Scream

In my effort to stay more positive (read: think happy thoughts), I am going to spend my 2WW-from-hell by posting a few of my favorite new finds. A girl has gotta find pockets of happiness somewhere and hunting, gathering and then sharing surely rank high on my happiness barometer.

In the past couple months I have made a serious effort to stick to my TCM diet as perscribed by my shaman (aka my acupuncturist). My indications are kidney yin and yang depletion with a little liver qi stagnation thrown in for good measure. Fabulous. Different indications are mitigated by different diets in TCM. An excellent read on the basics of TCM and IF & recurrent miscarriage is The Infertilty Cure by Dr. Randine Lewis, who is schooled in both Western and Eastern reproductive medicine.

Part of my diet is easy and fun what with all the organic and local food shopping - two tasks that are easily accomplished in my town where we practically have more organic farmer's markets than churches. But two of my most difficult diet restrictions are (1) no refined carbs (such as pasta, whole wheat tortillas, etc.) and (2) no dairy. No dairy in the summer - quiet frankly - sucks.

But, even my diet-restrictive shaman embraces this little gem: Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss. Ice cream made from coconut milk. Brilliant!

I bought a pint of the Naked Coconut flavor expecting it to taste like crappy Rice Dream (ugh what a g-a-y name) and was blown away by how good it was. Seriously good. Like frozen Mounds bar good. Even Cowboy gave it 2 thumbs up after asking for chocolate chips to sprinkle on top. I swear, he eats like an 8-year-old sometimes.

And it costs about the same as the other more-nationally recognized designer ice cream pints (think hippies from Vermont brand). Plus, the label featuring Ganesh is super cool. Did I mention I am a sucker for great packaging?

The only bummer is that I just realized Coconut Bliss lacks distribution beyond Oregon, Washington and some random festivals in NoCal. However, for those of you TCM-ing and advised to eschew dairy and want to try this, I promise I will figure out a way to Fed3x a pint to you.

But you have to let me know before Aug. 31, so I can use my corporate Fed3x account.


Erin said...

Wow - that sounds so tasty! And you can put me right in day care with Cowboy because I'd be all over the chocolate chips, too!

niobe said...

mmmmm....coconut milk ice cream.

I wonder if there are any job openings in my field in Oregon or Washington.

megan said...

sounds delish!
i have my first acupuncture appointment on friday. . . eek!

Anns said...

I wonder if I would be able to sneak this by "Dad?" My freezer is so chocked full of ice cream I can't find anything else in it... and yes, he's gotta sap chocolate sprinkles and sauce all over it too.

All men are babies.
Good luck with the healthy eating!

Anns xo

Amy R said...

Oh wow, that sounds delish!! I've been so-so sticking to my TCM diet. I've been pretty good at avoiding 'cold' foods and warming stuff up. Not so wonderful at avoiding dairy though. UGH. I hate the food restrictions portion that IF brings on.

The Oneliner (Christina) said...

yummy! hmm, i wonder if k would move to the NE with me?

tipsymarie said...

I'm doing that too! It completely sucks.

I've been eating quinoa pasta, and I'm pretty sure you can have that, at it's actually really good. So, at least that is something you can have. But yeah. No dairy, no wheat? Please. I hate it.

Coffeegrl said...

Yum this sounds good! Since I live in WA, I'll need to find some around here!

nancy said...

Well, damn it. Now I'm hungry. Thanks a lot! ;)

Sticky Bun said...

That's awesome that you found a tasty ice cream treat. And, either way, I give you SO much credit for following the diet so faithfully. I would never be able to give up my ice cream. I'm still ticked about the whole coffee thing...

Also, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your support throughout this cycle, over the past few days in particular, but really since you started to blog. Your posts always speak to me and your comments always mean a lot. It just really means the world to me to know that I have a community to cheer me on with good news, and to support me during the not-so-good news.

Carrie said...

Wow, I take my hat off to you, managing to stick to suck a strict regime. That is great.

Hope the 2WW wait rushes by. (how can it not with such treats to take your mind off it all?)

Watson said...


I'll have to track that down, maybe Whol.e Foo.ds would have it?


Christian said...

Just to let you know - Randine Lewis has her own website for her book & fertility enhancing retreats. Her website is at:

Thanks for the great info!