Thursday, May 1, 2008

Coming Soon: The Room

May 1. In most Western cities, May Day is reserved for workers' rights protests, strikes, parades, etc.
In our house, this May Day really means, "May Day!" As in...oh-my-god-I-have-less-than-six-weeks-until-this-kid-comes-and-I-am-so-not-ready.
Like most who have gone through pregnancy loss, I didn't even accept that I might actually have a baby until about halfway through the pregnancy. As such, no planning happened until 5 months in.
Then - I confess - I made a spreadsheet. (Hangs head).

It was the only way my linear mind could grapple with all the stuff we needed to source, buy, research, do. Most people think of spreadsheets for finance, but when Micr0soft launched its Excel program, it used famed mountaineer Ed Viesturs' need to manage supply logistics for an upcoming expedition to Mt. Everest as a marketing story in how to use Excel for planning purposes. If it worked for Ed and Everest, I figured it was good enough for me.

Only back at 5 months when I developed our baby logistics plan, I had all sorts of 2nd trimester energy and failed to incorporate the 3rd trimester brain drain into the plan.

As such, I am behind on the nursery. The ROOM. The room that has so much significance in our journey. The room that I visualized decorating. For years.

The room that has been alternately cleaned out then had the door shut on it with each pregnancy and subsequent loss.

The room that caused a huge fight between us when I refused to move my new work office into it because just in case we might get pregnant. (Ironic but we ended up finding out about Missy a few weeks after that fight).

The room that has sat empty and undecorated since we bought our house in 2001. I referred to it as the "mayonaise room" due to its off-white walls, off-white wooden blinds and off-white berber carpet.

Here, take a look.

I can't believe I'm behind on it after I have pined to decorate it for years. I mostly need to sew and hang the curtains. And sew the crib skirt. And a duvet for the down quilt (even though I know you aren't supposed to use such things until Missy is much older).

The fabric has been sitting in the room for ages. Again, damn that 2nd trimester energy kick making me think I could put this off until now. I need someone to seriously kick me in the ass and get my sewing machine cranking.

You'd think the six-weeks-to-go countdown would be motivation enough. Or just the sheer satisfaction that - finally - THAT room would be done.

Now, I'm locking myself into the house this weekend until all that sewing is accomplished. I don't care if it is sunny outside. My loss for procrastinating.

And because pictures of a boring-ass-white-room are so what no one wants to see on a blog, here is a fun picture from Missy's first shower.

I ate 3 of these.


Waiting Amy said...

Yumm, I think I could eat 3, or 4 or 5 of those!

You will get the room done, and besides, she won't notice for awhile. So you can add those last touches after she arrives, if needed.

Counting down is exciting!

Newt said...

OOOooh, the mayonnaise room has so much potential! I can't wait to see it when it's all ready for baby.

Hope this weekend is more fun than drudgery. Any leftover cupcakes?

Lori said...

And you didn't offer me any?!

christina(apronstrings) said...

we have a lot in common! we remain in slight denial and disbelief. we've both had conflicting thoughts of hopes and fears of entering into...*the* room.
and an inability to control ourselves around cupcakes. ; )

Wordgirl said...

oooh cupcakes...I'm afraid I might have eaten four :)

I laughed aloud at the spreadsheet...

I have no doubt it will be just beautiful and little miss will love it...

What an exciting time!



Kim said...

I'm with you on the room. I'm way behind, too. We'll get there - eventually!

And how could you stop at 3????

Geohde said...

That room will look just lovely when you're done, I'll bet. Now, off to decorating with you!


niobe said...