Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wishing you a yummy holiday

Happy holidays everyone. May all of your wishes come true. May you have a winter filled with many snow angels...
Blah, blah, blah. OK. I just want everyone to get pregnant, stay pregnant, have a healthy baby(ies), sign the official paperwork. Whatever. Whatever it takes to get you where you want to go in this world of motherhood.
I'm feeling a little weird this holiday. Grateful for such a full life. A little embarassed for wanting more. Trying to play it cool on the outside while inwardly desperate for another child in our family.
We leave soon for our annual ski trip. To Utah this time. I'll try to find something funny most days to post from the road. Stay tuned for stories of one horse towns, laundramats and toddler antics as we snake our way through Eastern Oregon, Southern Idaho and Northern Utah.
Above is our holiday card photo of Missy at 1-1/2. Like the good Northwest girl that she is, she loves apples.
Peace, love & powder, Ms. Planner, Cowboy & Missy


Life in Eden said...

Look at those gorgeous eyes!

Have a great time shush, shush, shushing down the slopes!

JJ said...

Shes so pretty! Love her eyes!
Have a wonderful holiday--and you know Ill be wishing wonderful things for you in 2010!

Carrie said...

Hey Ms Planner,
She is absolutely adorable. No wonder you'd like a second one! I really hope it happens and, although this is based in absolutely nothing but my thoughts, I have a good feeling about this. Really :-)
Thank you for the mention it your last post. I am genuinely touched. I don't read many blogs these days, just occasionally visit some of my favourites to make sure everyone is doing well.
My blog list too has moved on. What was once the greatest support you could imagine is now a reminder of what isn't.
I sound very sorry for myself! I really am not. Life is good again. Exciting. And, hopefully, about to change forever.
I often think of blogging again. Perhaps I will, whatever I decide know that I miss you all. Hope 2010 will bring you even more good things xx

Fiddle1 said...

Just a quick note to tell you that I have been using TCOYF methods to try to avoid getting pregnant since my period has returned. but i have noticed that my luteal phase is very short (7-9 days)..i'm reading that that is typical for moms still breastfeeding. since you had problems with progesterone and luteal phases with your miscarriages, i thought i'd mention this. I've read that vitamin B6 can lenghten luteal phase while breastfeeding..you may want to also temp and watch CM to monitor (if you aren't already ;-)...sneaky idea that you already are!). Hope the skiing is fabulous!