Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Adorable Little Boys"

It's already snowing in the Pacific Northwest.

I took the girls up to Mount Hood for Sammi's first snow this past Saturday while Cowboy was on ski patrol at Timberline.

I didn't take a photo because - good lord! - hauling around a wee baby in a front pack in a still-too-big down suit AND a toddler in all her snow gear AND all their diaper gear AND assorted practical gear is quite the logistics feat that I haven't cracked the code on yet.

But there I was practically short-roping both girls up the stairwell: Sammi in the Ergo front pack and Piper on my hip ("Momma, carry you," she said). Both girls are in blue snow suits because I flat out refuse to buy pink outdoor gear. REI and the Patagonia store in Portland - regrettably - don't leave me many options. I don't wear pink in the outdoors. Why should my girls?

"Oh, look at those adorable little boys," a women remarked on her way down the stairwell.

I guess I should expect as much when I dress them in blue.

But it pissed me off. So I am starting my one-woman mission to rid the outdoor industry of gender color stereotypes for children's gear. I'm tired of choosing between pink and blue when I drop a shit-ton of money on quality kid's outdoor gear. Because I will ALWAYS choose blue. Just to make a point.

For this and so much more outside fun, please stay tuned. I finally have figured out my new blog "voice" as I transition from family-building to family-managing. Just haven't had time to execute yet.

Story of my life these days.


Life in Eden said...

Oh I so hear you! With having boy-girl twins I fall hard into the color traps. His cup is blue, hers pink or purple. I hate it, but there are times we need the difference to keep things straight. I try so very hard to buy her green or blue outfits whenever I find them. And now she is asking for pink and such and while I want her to be her and like what she likes, I cringe and hold myself back from discouraging it. Agh!

Coffeegrljp said...

I can't wait to hear more! We go through this all the time. I don't like to choose pink although we've received so many gifts of pink that my oldest has decided it's her favorite color. *sigh* argh. And perhaps just as annoying, if my oldest is wearing pink, she's often mistaken for a boy because she has short hair. I went through this myself for years. Clearly if you're not sporting pigtails or long hair you're a boy. argh

Caro said...

I hate the pink thing, Freya is wearing Theo's hardly worn baby stuff. Some of that is blue and a random stranger told me she was wearing the wrong colour the other day.