Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Newest Little Mountain Girl

Samantha Mohr J.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010 @ 10:07 AM

8 lbs (!), 21 inches

Sammi is our Buddha baby. She's big and chunky and calm (so far). Nursing with no problem and is almost back to her birth weight.

Born the traditional route although I caved and requested (begged for) an epidural when I stalled out at 8 cm for 2 hours. For days following Sammi's birth, I would look at her and marvel at her size and still can't quite believe I delivered such a strapping baby.

We are home now and are navigating how to manage it all. Ever so grateful for my parents and Cowboy who are holding down the ship with Missy and household while I get my bearings.

Despite the trepidation and the stitches, I am so happy and blessed. When I started on this journey, I had no idea it would turn out so wonderfully. Now it is my time to just serve my family in gratitude for it all.


L said...

She's just lovely! Congratulations. (And sorry about your lady bits -- yowzers!)


Caro said...

She's beautiful, congrats!

Life in Eden said...

So beautiful! And so happy for you all! Settle in, rest, enjoy!

Fiddle1 said...

Congratulations, MP's family!!! She is gorgeous, and I love her name!! This post just oozes complete family happiness. I'm glad it worked out how you wanted and I'm glad you have the time to figure out how to get into a groove. Don't forget to take care of yourself, mama!

I've always been secretly grateful my 8.5 lb baby came out via c section. You rock, woman!!!

B. said...

Congratulations (whispered, so as not to disturb whetever peace and quiet might be happening at this moment)! Both girls are beautiful. Great job, Momma!

JJ said...

Yay shes here! Congrats!!!

Wordgirl said...

Oh Ms. Planner.

When I opened this post I just sat in reverence for a moment and looked at your beautiful girls. I thought about where our journeys began, and I thought about where we found ourselves now. Miracles.

And as a side note -- my GOD lady, I remember being in awe of Missy's birth story -- and now I am in awe again.

I hope you're finding some quiet breathing spaces.


nikole said...

Happy day! She is gorgeous, and seeing her with Missy just melts my heart. Sigh. Biggest congrats to your family!

stickybun07 said...

"A journey is best measured in friends, not miles."

Ms. P, it's been quite a journey! Thanks so much for accompanying me and sharing your story--and your beautiful and happy ending. Your girls are gorgeous. Congratulations!

Coffeegrljp said...

What a pair of beautiful girls! Congratulations! Enjoy all the wonders of these newest adventures together!

Thalia said...

Mazel Tov, I am delighted.

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful

Carrie said...

What a beautiful family you have.

Congratulations on the newest arrival. I'm so happy to see the two beautiful girls together and to know that although at times the journey was terribly tough the result couldn't have been sweeter.

Thank you so much for sharing the journey with us. I have loved getting to know you and appreciate the heartfelt support you've offered me throughout. You're an amazing woman Ms P and I'm sure these girls will be too.

(sounds a bit like I think you're disappearing, I do hope not. Just wanted to say how grateful I am and this seemed to be a good time!)